On Thursday evening, February 18, 2021, in the oil clinic in Tripoli, a simple ceremony was held on the occasion of the opening of the pharmacy building in the clinic with all its facilities, in the presence of the Chairman of the Board of Directors, Eng. Mustafa Sanallah, members of the Board of Directors, Abu Al-Qasim Shanqir, and Al-Amari Muhammad, and the Chairman and members of the Committee The administration at the oil sanatorium, Khaled bin Othman, Muhammad Abu Azza and the general director of the oil sanatorium, Miss Amina Maakaf, in addition to a large number of general directors and directors of departments in the corporation and the oil sanatorium, and the medical and auxiliary staff, and the general manager of the Mist Group company that implemented the sanatorium development project.
And at the beginning of the ceremony, the Chairman of the Board of Directors said: “At the beginning, I congratulate the noble Libyan people on the tenth anniversary of the February 17th revolution, and I hope to God Almighty that we have learned from past years with their trials and pain, that the country will not rise except with the solidarity of everyone without exception or exclusion. For anyone, especially that Libya is a promising country rich in many riches, we need nothing but sincerity of intentions and love of the homeland to advance this nation again and make it in the ranks of developed countries, God Almighty willing, today we are opening part of the oil clinic development project, this project that we started a few months ago with a simple budget also from In order to improve the services of this clinic, which provides services to a large segment of workers in the oil sector and their families, the development project was started 10 weeks ago, and we aim to complete the development completely in the middle of August 2021, God willing, and the workers and their families will notice the difference before and after the development through services The treatment that will be available in the sanatorium, God willing, and after completing the project completely and as a kind of transparency, we will reveal to you the total cost, and unfortunately you will notice that the money that the thieves plundered during the past 10 years It was capable of building the cities of Libya completely.

The Chairman of the Board of Directors added, “In accordance with the principle of social justice pursued by the National Oil Corporation, similar clinics will be built in the east and south. It is not fair for our workers and their families, east and south, to suffer the suffering of traveling to the capital for treatment. Rather, one of their most basic rights is for health care to come to their areas. And he added, “In fact, the National Oil Corporation, in cooperation with its partners from among the giants of oil companies in the world, has a clear vision and great goals to provide services not only to employees, but also to the regions and communities surrounding oil operations, and the closure of oil for 10 months impeded the achievement of this matter,” But thanks to God, our production has increased and oil prices have improved, and it is possible to coordinate more broadly with our partners to achieve further development in the south, east and west, God willing, if the country stabilizes, and we aspire to obtain our required budgets in order to finance our oil operations through operation and maintenance to contribute to increasing production and achieving greater returns. For the Libyan state, and thus providing decent living and health services for workers in the oil sector, which will motivate them to give more, and we will reach the target faster.