What do you know about antibiotics?

Health is one of the blessings that we must preserve and take good care of, and do not expose it to any harm or harm, and we must hurry to receive the appropriate treatment if we become ill or ill.
And in this simple article, we will provide you with some important medical advice that are of interest to most family members, and we will mention it to you in a simple easy way

Before anything and before all the advice, you should teach my Muslim brother that healing is from God Almighty and that the disease is the destiny of God, you must be satisfied with it and all medications, doctors and medical means are only the reasons for God Almighty ordered us to take It is in compliance with his orders, but the only one able to heal you is God, the Most High and Glorified and Exalted be He prayed for him to remove from you what disease you find if something bad happens to you or a bug – God forbid – then take material reasons because God commanded you to do this, such as going to the doctor and spending the treatment and taking it But do not think I start the ability of any of these without God Almighty to recover. Healing is only in the hands of God, and do not forget to give charity from your money in case you are sick or not.

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Do not take a lot of painkillers, especially when symptoms return after the end of the previous analgesic dose period has ended and you should consult a doctor when symptoms persist for more than three days despite the presence of some diseases that require urgent prompt presentation to the specialist such as appendix suspicions.

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Not all herbs are completely harmless, there is a common belief that all medicinal herbs – other than chemical drugs – have no harmful side effects.
This is a mistake, as there are medicinal herbs that have very serious side effects, and perhaps we will single out a separate article on medicinal herbs and their benefits and harms.

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Do not overuse antibiotics, especially in cases of cold and cold. It has been scientifically proven that most of the causes of cold and cold are viral and not bacterial. This means that there is no effect of antibiotics in improving the condition, but its undesirable effect remains in killing the beneficial bacteria that exist naturally. In our bodies

When you present yourself to the doctor and go to dispense the prescription, do not modify yourself on any component of the medical ticket. Do not cancel a drug class, for example, and do not change the way the medicine is taken, for example, because the only ones who know about the disease and the medicine are the doctor, the pharmacist and the patient if he has Any information, it is an incomplete piece of information, and perhaps using it for this information will bring more harm to it than benefit and benefit.

If you recover, God willing, thank God first for your recovery and then remember not to re-dispense the prescription on your own. This is a common mistake many people make, thinking that the symptoms are the same, but it is more correct to return to your doctor, perhaps the symptoms at this time are less severe and do not need the power of treatment The first, and you may have another disease similar to the symptoms, then taking the first treatment will delay your chance of recovery and only expose you to side effects without benefit.

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