The General Assembly Meeting

On Friday, December 25, 2020, in the main meeting room of the main headquarters of the Sirte Oil and Gas Production and Processing Company in Marsa Brega, the annual meeting of the Oil Correctional Facility in Tripoli was held under the chairmanship of Eng. Mustafa Sanallah, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the National Oil Corporation, and in the presence of the members of the Board of Directors, Abu al-Qasim Shanqir, Jadallah Al-Awakli, Al-Amari Muhammad, and in the presence of Mr. Khaled bin Othman, Chairman of the Clinic Administration Committee, and the members of the Institute’s Administration Committee, Dr. Al-Sadiq Al-Mujrab, Muhammad Abu Azza, Mrs. Amina Maqaf, Director General of the Clinic, general directors, directors of departments, and specialists in the corporation, the oil clinic, and the monitoring body.

In his speech, Eng. Mustafa Sanallah thanked and appreciated the management committee of the sanatorium, the general manager and its staff for their dedication to providing health services to the sector’s workers
And their families in these difficult circumstances and the spread of the Corona pandemic, and as part of the concern for the health and safety of workers in the sector, Engineer Mustafa Sanallah explained that workers in the oil sector and their families deserve health care according to the best standards.

The attendees also discussed future plans for the clinic to provide all excellent health services that keep pace with the progress in this field, and the discussion of a project to establish a branch for the oil clinic in the city of Benghazi and another in the city of Sabha in the latest style, where the Chairman and members of the Board of Directors of the National Oil Corporation confirmed that they They hope that the specialized authorities in the state will approve the necessary budgets so that the corporation and its companies can carry out and complete the ambitious projects in the interest of the country and the sector.

The corporation’s board of directors was briefed on the stages of developing the oil clinic in Tripoli, which is being implemented, confirming that the National Oil Corporation will support any work that would provide excellent health services to workers in the sector, based on the principle of worker safety and their health is an absolute priority.
In his speech, Mr. Khaled bin Othman said that the year 2020 was a year of challenges and difficulties for the oil corporation, which, with the support of the corporation, made great efforts in implementing safety measures to prevent and combat the Corona pandemic, and provided all the requirements, and he also thanked all the oil companies that helped the clinic meet the needs Fighting the pandemic.
In the meeting, the activities of the year 2020 and the targets for 2021 were presented, budgets, spending, problems and difficulties that hinder the work of the clinic were presented, in addition to the review of the monitoring body’s report and the observations it contained.