Pediatric Department

The Pediatric Department of the Tripoli Petroleum Clinic provides continuous, high-quality healthcare for children and provides patients with a comfortable and safe atmosphere. The department also provides health care inside the hospital and through outpatient clinics, for children between the ages of 0 and 13 years, around the clock and on all days of the week and therefore it includes various aspects of development and physical and psychological health of the child, including treatment of diseases, disabilities and various diseases.

It often extends to preventive health care.

Doctors who practice pediatrics are called pediatricians.

These doctors provide care for children of all ages, from birth to adolescence.

The department’s mission is summarized in two important principles:

  • The first is that a child with good health is the basis for a future generation of good health.
  • The second is that close cooperation between different medical departments is the basis for providing high-quality medical service.

The Objectives of this department :

  • Integrated medical care for children referred to the ward and clinics.
  • Contribute to continuing medical education for students, doctors, and the nursing staff.
  • Share medical advice with other clinical departments.
  • Carrying out many medical researches in the field of specialization.