Sustainable development, sustainable development, and under the auspices of the French company Total, today, Wednesday, March 17, 2021, at the headquarters of the oil clinic in Tripoli, the Genexpert PCR device for conducting Covid 19 tests and a quantity of actuators were delivered as a first batch to support the sanatorium’s procedures in combating this pandemic. It previously provided a PCR to the clinic and a large amount of drivers.

This method is adopted after adopting oil as one of the approved practices of this dependence on this basis on the other hand, using coordination with the National Center for Disease Control.

The minutes of delivery and receipt were signed by Mr. Mukhtar Abdel-Daem, Director of the Sustainable Development Department, Mr. Pascal Brent, Director General of Total Libya, and Ms. Amina Maqaf, General Director of the clinic, in the presence of a group of patients and medical staff in the sanatorium, from Total and from the Department of Sustainable Development in the sanatorium.