The National Oil Corporation celebrates the National Safety Day

The National Oil Corporation and its subsidiaries have committed to celebrating the National Safety Day, which corresponds to the twenty-eighth of April 28/4 of each year, as it is considered an event and celebration that has a special character, especially for users and workers in the oil and gas sector. The vital sector that accompanies all stages of its operations are various types of Risks.

In the interest of the safety of lives and equipment and the provision of a safe and sound working environment, the National Oil Corporation and all its companies adopt the principle of ((safety first)) in its various activities and operations as a practical principle and not just a slogan, and this principle receives the highest levels of attention by the senior management of the National Oil Corporation and all sector companies Both.
In this regard, the Chairman of the Board of Directors stated that, despite the often unstable conditions and in addition to the many challenges that the sector witnessed and continues to witness in terms of scarcity in budgets and sources of funding, the commitment to follow the requirements and rules of public safety and safety of operations, as well as to follow and take all measures And the precautionary measures related to occupational health, especially in light of the current circumstances of the spread and outbreak of the emerging corona virus and the mutated strains of it were and still are a top priority and are followed up by all supervisory levels in all sites.

This reinforces the close connection with the requirements and rules of occupational safety and health and because the safety and health of users is our priority by working to provide a safe work environment based on minimizing and limiting risks and accidents of all kinds, as well as strictly applying all precautionary measures and measures necessary to reduce, limit and contain The spread of cases of infection and infection with the Corona virus.

The senior management of the National Oil Corporation has translated this great interest in raising the levels of preparedness to confront this pandemic to its maximum by harnessing all resources to support companies in the containment work and reduce the infection and spread rates of this pandemic, despite the severe shortage and scarcity of budgets.

On the anniversary of this National Day, we extend our sincere thanks to all employees and workers in all fields, operations sites, stations and ports for the unwavering determination, which was a major reason behind the gradual return to production and export, with full compliance with the application of public safety rules. At the same time, we affirm the need to adhere to following all safety rules to reduce and reduce risks and injuries, as well as the obligation to take all precautionary measures and measures to reduce and reduce the risks of exposure to infection with the Coronavirus so that we can proceed with steady steps in a safe and sound work environment.

May God grant you success and may God protect everyone.
Chairman of Board of Directors
April 28, 2021